May Allah Bring Peace, Prosperity & Happiness to Every Muslim Household

May Allah Accept Our Ibadah, Efforts and Charity this Ramadan

May Allah Grant Us the Highest Place in Jannah with Prophet ﷺ

When we open our fast we have clean water to drink and a selection of foods to eat. However, for many Muslim families in Syria, Yemen, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Gaza, Turkey and Africa it is not the case.

Whilst we cannot provide these families with the same food that we eat here in the UK, Europe, or America, we can make Ramadan a comfortable month by providing them with food.

Whether you are donating to our Ramadan Food Appeal, Ramadan Zakat, Ramadan Disaster Emergency Appeal or Giving Kaffarah to feed the poor, your donation will make a difference. Insha’Allah

Donate your Sadaqah & Zakat and Help Save Lives.