Yemen Humanitarian Crisis Appeal

A conflict between two groups has created the world’s largest humanitarian crisis of our time. Since 2019, Islamic Welfare Trust has been on the ground delivering food & water aid. We need urgent donations for our Yemen Humanitarian Crisis Appeal to raise funds for life-saving food and water aid.

Today, over 24 million people are in urgent need of food, medical treatment, water & sanitation. We need to act fast and act now! Donate generously and help us save lives in Yemen.

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Yemen Humanitarian Crisis – How it all started?

Yemen war started in 2015, however, it was in making for decades. Failure of the political system at every government level, corruption by government officials took Yemen to a point where there was no turning back. Rebel groups started taking on the government forces and town by town, city by city Yemen went into the hands of Rebel groups. Violence erupted everywhere and people started to leave their homes and take refuge in other parts of the country. Over 11 million people became refugees within their own country. In the first 3 years of the conflict over 10,000 civilians were killed indiscriminately.

In 2015, an international coalition started an airstrike campaign against the rebels. This campaign didn’t really affect the rebel groups but tens of thousands of civilians became victims of these airstrikes. This was the moment when Yemen Crisis became the world’s biggest humanitarian crisis.

Yemen Humanitarian Crisis in Numbers

  • Two third of Yemen population is food insecure
  • 80% of Yemen population is heavily relying on international aid
  • Over 2 million children are facing starvation
  • 1.7 million children are displaced within the country
  • Over 1 million Yemen children are orphans
  • 25% of deaths during this Yemen war were civilians
  • Millions are at the risk of catching deadly diseases due to a lack of sanitation

Story of a mother

Fatima is 68 years old. She lives in a rundown house in Sana’a. Since the start of the Yemen conflict, she has lost three sons.

Two of her daughters-in-law have got married again, leaving 6 children with the grandmother. Fatima has no choice but to wait for charities like Islamic Welfare Trust to provide food for her family. There are thousands of grandmothers like Fatima who have lost everything. As Muslims, it is our duty to provide food to these families.

Alhamdulillah, Islamic Welfare Trust is on the ground delivering life-saving food aid in the heart of the Sana’a region. We are providing regular monthly food parcels for hundreds of families. With your generous donations towards our Yemen Emergency Appeal, we will Insha’Allah be able to reach more grandmothers like Fatima.

Story of a disabled child

Umar lives in an area near the frontline where government forces and rebels are fighting. Like every day Umar along with his friend was walking to school. As they were walking fight broke between the rebels and the government forces. Both boys got caught in and were hit with an artillery shell. Umar’s friend died on the spot, however, Umar made it to the hospital where doctors had to perform an emergency operation and amputate one of his legs.

Alhamdulillah, Umar survived but at the cost of losing his leg. He wished he could play with his brothers and friends but all he can do now is to watch them from the side or through his house window.

There are millions of children and adults who have become disabled during this conflict. Life is already tough in Yemen, however, for a disabled person, it is even tougher. Alhamdulillah, upon our travel in Yemen we came across many towns and cities that wouldn’t have survived this conflict if the food and water aid from UK Muslim Charities wouldn’t have got there.

Malnutrition in Yemen: a crisis within a crisis

A country that already had a high poverty rate. Millions were suffering from poor health. Yemen civil war has taken these problems to another level. After the violence, the biggest problem faced by the people of Yemen is Malnutrition, especially amongst the children. According to UN agencies, if we don’t act RIGHT NOW, over 400,000 children will die every year just because they did not have enough food to eat.

FAQ – Yemen Humanitarian Crisis Appeal

UK Muslim charities working in Yemen include…

  • Islamic Welfare Trust
  • Unite 4 Humanity
  • Humanity Care Relief
  • Dabbagh Welfare Trust
  • Ummah Welfare Trust
  • Islamic Relief
  • Muslim Hands

Other aid charities working in Yemen include…

  • Oxfam
  • Save the Children
  • World Food Programme

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As well as Islamic Welfare Trust’s Yemen Humanitarian Crisis Appeal, there are many other charities that are providing food and water aid through their Yemen Emergency Appeals. Whilst we would love to help the people of Yemen with your donation, we will also be pleased if you decide to choose another Muslim Charity. As long as Yemeni orphans & widows get to eat. The team at Islamic Welfare Trust will be happy.

  • Feed a family by donating a food pack for Yemen Humanitarian Crisis Appeal
  • Give the gift of water for a Yemeni family struggling during the Yemen conflict
  • Provide financial support for a family by donating your Zakat for Yemen

Donation Policy

90p of every £1 donated towards the Yemen Emergency Appeal will be spent on the people of Yemen. The remaining 10p will be spent on marketing & administration.

How will your Yemen donation be spent?

You donated £10 towards our Yemen Humanitarian Crisis Appeal

£9 will be sent to Yemen and will be spent on the people suffering due to this conflict

£1 will be used for marketing and administration

How will Gift Aid be spent?

Gift aid is an Imanah. Every penny claimed from your donation will be reinvested back in the charity. Money received from Gift Aid claim is used for projects which do not receive enough donations. The rest of the gift aid claim money is used for marketing purposes to grow the charity and make people aware of the work Islamic Welfare Trust is doing in Yemen.

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